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Materials – Natural Resin Stones

  • Decorative Stone Composite Surfacing

a surfacing material made of coloured glass plus a synthetic stone. Granules of a proprietary synthetics stone. Aventurine, are mixed with coloured glass and an organic resin binder to produce thin slabs of a solid surfacing material.

  • Quartz Composite Surfacing

The dense non porous and stain resistant surfacing material consists of 93 per cent quartz aggregate 7per cent pigment and a proprietary resin binder. It is a strong durable and tough

  • Marble Chip Terrazzo Tile

Pre-cast tiles and slabs of 95 per cent marble chips bonded together with about 5per cent by weight of polyester resin, plus inorganic metal oxides to make them colourfast and resistant to fading or yellowing due to exposure to UV radiation.

  • Quartz Aggregate Surfacing

Quartz aggregate with a durable, colourfast ceramic color coating. It is unaffected by UV radiation and most chemicals, and is produced in two grades; the S-grade, a spherical aggregate available in five colors.

  • Marble Composite Surfacing

Tiles and slabs composed of 95 per cent marble chips and 5 per cent polyester resin. The tiles are available in polished honed or sandblasted finishes in five sizes, and with cushion edge.

  • Marble Aggregate Tile

Pre cast cement tiles produced in two layers , Marble aggregates, marble dust and high compression white cement make up the first layer. Crushed rock, sand and grey cement and vibrated and hydraulically pressed to form the second layer.

  • Slate Polymer Composite

An economic replacement for slate roofing materials made of ground state cast in moles to give the appearance of natural slate. It is lightweight, does not absorb moisture has a class A fire rating and come with fifty year guarantee.


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