Brave New Home Part 1

create a home with your own identity

Inspire for bold home for you

” Home ” is a word tha is heavily freighted with emotion the embodiment of self-image, family and childhood associations. So few people can resist its lure.Many of those who would like to break out of the box fear that an architect-designed house may prove too costly or take too long to realize, that the design will be contested or that the end product could prove hard to live with and harder to sell. Their home may be their only substantial asset they are afraid to put it at risk.

Burnham House by STAN ARCHITECT

Looking over the living area to the kitchen and entry

The 2,300 sqf house is a constant source of delight for its owner.Though the plan is lucid, there’s an intricacy that comes from a collaboration in which every facet of the design was though through and resolved. The contractor, showed unusual dedication in getting the details right.

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