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Commercial Design – CGV Class Lounge

URBANTAINER co , Seoul Korea

CGV Yongsan Gold Class Lounge is the space to be provided to the CGV theatre users. The former Yongsan CGV theatre was initially designed when big multiplexes were in demand therefore materials such as neons and metals were mainly used to purvey the cinematic fantasy concept in a forceful style. Redesigning and replacing the circular structure on the exterior space which was connected to the previously existing ceiling was the main concern for the designers especially considering the given budget and the construction process schedule.

The designers tried to maintain the former structure yet by incorporating the pattern and combination of finishing materials they were able to create the dynamic rhythm for the space. This concept mirrors the vitally of Yongsang CGV which draws the most theatregoers out of all the CGV multiplexer in Seoul. By simplifying to h the maximum the types of finishing materials used and designing the pattern through maintaining the former structure the designers were able to pertain the edginess and young energy of younger theatergoers who are the major clientele of CGV Yongsan.

The exterior design is the crucial space where one can feel this concept of dynamic rhythm the most . The theatregoers who climb up the escalator can fully sense the tension of rhythm emanating from the pattern of finishing materials. Utilising the vertical repetition of the pattern without destroying the wood material plays up. the characteristics of the site.


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