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Different Wood For Furniture

Acacia Wood

Remember seeing a flooring that you were sure was made of wood but weren’t sure it shone so much? More often that not, what you were looking at (as above) is Acacia wood. Acacia wood has been around for centuries, some say even for millions of years. Rumour has it that it’s been used extensively and was the prime staple to construct the tabernacle and the ark of covenant. It was that indestructible.

Apart from flooring for which it is ideal given the range of colours it can be found in starting from chocolate brown and ending at off whites or golden yellows it can also be used as what we call wood art. And we are not talking furniture. It is used for cutlery, bowls as well as other small indoor items which add a lavish touch and feel to a home.

When it comes to wooden furniture India what makes acacia so very perfect is its durability and water resistance. For those who have taste but a certain lack of time, it is like Tesla. This apart from being inherent attractive and resistant to wear and tear. Without the price of course, which is what makes it a perfect alternative to teak. Considering it grows fast, it is also sustainable which give it an added benefit.

Mango Wood

Mango wood is today what mango is in summers. Highly solicited, extremely elusive and evergreen. One has to admire how useful the mango tree really is, a habitat to the weak, fruit bearer by youth and durable furniture with age. Mango wood is like wine, the older the better.

The ArmChair manufacturing industry has always been in a fix falling woefully short of sustainable options, resulting in style coming before sustainability. Mango wood which is easily available provides a great alternative, so if you like to call yourself environment friendly, this is the choice to you. Here are other reasons why- 
1. It is beautiful- it really is; given how well it combines with age old manufacturing ArmChair processes it can be made into beautiful browns and greens into a variety of patterns, each unique and extremely desirable

2. Water resistant: why is this good? You can keep it outside. That table on the balcony, those exquisite chairs in the garden, if you want them wooden, mango is the way to go.

3. Easy care: It can be cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth. Minimal result, maximum beauty for the busy couples.


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